old strategic way
in Bookkeeping - 18 Sep, 2015
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If we look at 20 cases of relationship between the bookkeeper and the business owner, we will find the consistency in 2%. The reasons embrace lack of understanding, bad strategic plan, lack of flexibility and non-enchanting pay scales of the bookkeepers.

Here the ball comes in the court of the business owner. He would have to understand the worth of a book keeper and he would have to be flexible in this regard. Let us look at various perspectives for sake of getting a way about how to work remotely with a bookkeeper.

Prefer quality over quantity of work:

Many of the business runners do a very complicated mistake at this point. They hire the bookkeeper and then start expecting him to work like a magic. Most of the business runners outs multiple duties on the shoulders of bookkeeper by keeping in mind “we are paying heavy to him”. No, …