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Why bookkeepers don’t need to fear robots?

It’s an interesting time to be a bookkeeper. The Australia economic reform is currently focusing on being a prominent player in the world of business, with the working class is changing global politics, and the new debate being robots can uproot our jobs.

The latest CEDA reports shows that more than 5 Million jobs equal to 40% percent of Australian jobs today are at a high like hood of disappearing in the next 10 t0 15 years, due to innovations and technological advancements.

This begs many questions for bookkeepers one of the jobs quoted as being at the risk of irrelevance. Generally bookkeepers have access to more than 500 add-ons and integrations using tools such as Xero, meaning technology automate the time-consuming tasks.

So with the power bookkeeping at pay, can robots really take our place.

Robot and a dream  

Let’s review the real terms, for instant the people who quit their stable jobs and bought a bar, with no earlier experience. The beauty of such a decision is they could buy one point of sale system to give all the data they needed such as:

  • every drink sold,
  • at what time,
  • profitability levels, stock …
  • even the financial information that could help them complete their tax return

What this means or seems in the business world are no bookkeeper or accountant just two new business owners, “a robot and a dream”.

A small bar runs on a tight ship, but as a business a close eye needs to be kept on staffing, the costs and pricing to ensure break even at all times. In most cases there’s simply no space for big bookkeeping bills-more so from those still charging hours to file paper receipts. read more here!

The only space for nimble and streamlined services that offering information-driven insights in a timely, cost efficient manner and that the key-not just the data the bar needs to stay at bay, but the insight that can be invested back into the business.

For the business data to be intuitive it must be above standard aggregations services and tailor the numbers against the evolving knowledge of the business. And that means humans are in-the bookkeepers.

Situation, data, insight, action

Flooding a busy small business owner with tones of ever-flowing data doesn’t make sense- specifically when the business owners are learners. For the bar owners they don’t have time to make sense of all the data available. At the same time, it doesn’t help to keep the clients in the dark to their data either.

It’s far better for a small business such as our bar to receive bookkeeper figures tailored to their evolving needs, delivered at precisely the right making a difference helping those insights into actions.

And for that we need an adviser-bookkeeper who stands hand-in-hand with the robots running the bar.

The formula for success

The fact of the matter is that turning data into insights and insights into action will always lie at the heart of creative business. Once, such advisory services were only possible to monolithic organizations with large analytics and finance teams.

Now, it’s at the fingertips of every bookkeeper and small business owner willing to work with technology — not against it. And that’s the real beauty of business. Hire bookkeepers Melbourne and bookkeeperco.com.au

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