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Bookkeeper Vs. Accountant: What’s the difference?

While making the difference between a Bookkeeper and an accountant, you may take an example of bunch of flowers. As long as the bunch is concerned, it will be the task of “bookkeeper” to keep all the flowers at tie, to keep the right position of every flower and to equalize every stem of the flower in the same position as the stem of other flower. On contrary to this, the role of the accountant will “to actually tie up the flowers together”.check this article!

It means, accountant will be the tie band with whom bliss the bunch will actually be made. So, we can say, from one face of the side or the other, there are so many similarities in the working patterns of a bookkeeper and an accountant. The difference lies in the more skillfulness, more decision power and more authority. We can say that accountant position will demand a person will more professional certified education and thus with more authoritative duties.

Bookkeeper vs. Accountant: What’s the difference?

Bookkeepers can be differentiated form the accountant by looking at the difference in their jobs and qualification. Let us have a sharp difference in point-to-point way:

An accountant will require having a certified degree like “accountant degree or degree of MB for sake of getting the accountant position”. On other hand, the bookkeeper will not require the assured of certified degree or experience. Any person with sharpened mind and with good financial balancing skills can bear the position.

An accountant will check out all the accounts receivable and will give the strategic plan to how to run it and manage it. On other hand, a Bookkeeper Melbourne will actually tackle with the receivable accounts. He will look at the payments received by the company, will make the various invoices sheets; will keep the record of all the transactions received. On other hand, the accountant will only give the strategy to o the task rightly.

An accountant will also give the strategy to handle the “accounts payable”. He will look after how the amount is maintained and how the records are saved. He will be like an observer rather a critique observer who can snub the bookkeeper for the issues. On other hand, the bookkeeper will look at whole of the amounts paid by the company, the transactions are made by its users and the invoices filled with the payable amounts.

An accountant will only do the survey of how the employees are doing work and what are their timings. He can argue and can criticize the wrong timings. On other hand, Bookkeeper Melbourne will manage the timing schedule. He will give entries of the coming and leaving timings of the employees. He will also keep the keen record of the salaries of the employees per month.


Simple is to say! The major difference between the accountant and the bookkeeper is in the strategy of working. The theme of work is same for both but the accountability and criteria of authority are somehow different for accountant as compared to Bookkeeper Melbourne.

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