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The Art of Working with a Bookkeeper

You have made the decision to hire a bookkeeper. Congratulations, since you have more time to focus on making more money in your business. Let’s make sure you get your money in the value! Here are 7 things you need to do when you begin to work with a bookkeeper.

Share Your Vision, Share You

Tell your bookkeeper why you get into business to start. Tell him/her about your service or product. Share with him/her what you feel is separating your business from the rest of the pack. Tell him/her your 5 years vision, such as how much money you want in your business and your plan to run new products or services.

Get in Touch with the Money Side of You

Your bookkeeper should know how you have dealt with your books in the past. Remember your answers to these questions and try your answer to your bookkeeper:

·      Have you always persevered your business or personal expenses? Or does the idea of doing that make you feel nauseous?

·      If you have reviewed your revenue and expenses, how often do you track it?

·      Does dealing with your money overwhelm you? Has it been hard to deal with money in the past?

·      Are you an individual? Or do you just want to know the bottom line?

Tell Your Bookkeeper How You Need Your Financial Information Explained to You

Let’s note that it is now time to review your report for the quarter. Do you want the report to send your email? Do you want it in an excel sheet? Do not want to view all of the numbers and want to get the bottom lines? Do you want to get your bookkeeper and talk to you about how your business is running?

Protect Yourself

Your bookkeeper will get access to your financial information, for instance, your bank statements and credit card statements. Do you want to give your bookkeeper online access or will you just email him/her duplicate statements? Remember, just because you hire a bookkeeper does not mean you stop looking at your bank account statement and credit card statements. Continue to monitor them to ensure nothing funny is going on.

Other Bookkeeping Duties

Do you want to pay bills your bookkeeper? If you do, please advise your bookkeeper to email their weekly fees and the controversies they write, so you are aware of what’s going on. You can also have an agreement that they will not pay over a certain dollar figure.

Introduce Your Bookkeeper to Your Accountant So They Can Better Serve You

The better the relationship with your bookkeeper has with your accountant, the better life will be for you. It is a great technique to have a control and balance system on your bookkeeper. Tell your CPA about the services provided by the bookkeeper and ask your CPA to sometimes evaluate the bookkeeping work.


Some bookkeepers offer hourly rates while many others offer monthly packages only. Make the amount you can afford monthly, and then tell your bookkeeper if you have reached your monthly amount. Make sure you do not pay for services that you do not actually need.

Bookkeepers are in a fairly commoditized business. As a result, some will enter into the gray area of giving broad financial, tax, legal, and insurance advice. Though, they are trying to watch for your best interest, ensure to get a second estimation from your tax, legal, or financial professional. Visit our blog for more detail: http://www.bookkeeperco.com.au

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