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What is an Accounting School?

If you are good with numbers and enjoy crunching them then accounting school is for you. Accounting schools give students the opportunity to establish a lucrative and promising career in the field of accounting. The career path for accounting can be very rewarding with new employment opportunities springing up all the time.

Students interested in attending an accounting school do have choices. There are traditional schools that are land based as well as virtual or online schools for students who need a more flexible schedule in their pursuit of higher education. Both online and traditional accounting programs are viable options in setting the career path for candidates interested in this rewarding field.

What you will learn in an Accounting School

Accountants are responsible for ensuring that financial records are maintained accurately and that individuals and business pay the appropriate taxes on time and properly. The work that accountants do helps businesses to run efficiently and effectively. A student pursuing a career in accounting will learn not only the fundamentals of accounting practice but also the theory and mission behind what good accounting practitioners practice and believe in. A lot of what the candidate will learn is contingent upon the school they select; however, some core classes are essential to every accredited accounting program including:

• Accounting terms (http://dailyutahchronicle.com/school-of-business-renames-accounting-scholarship-after-matt-heffernan/)
• Income statements
• Balance sheets
• Statement of cash earning
• Revenue
• Expenses
• Assets
• Liabilities

The higher the level of education sought, the more specific the information that will be learned in accounting school. For those interested in pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree specialization and expert areas of practice are also available.

Training in Accounting Schools

Whether a candidate pursues accounting online or in a traditional setting, there are various levels one can achieve in the field of accounting. Many institutes of higher learning offer associate degrees in accounting and the prerequisite is a high school diploma or its equivalent. Most businesses require a practicing accountant to have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting, business or a related field in order to be gainfully employed, with no less than 24 semester hours of accounting. There are other employers that require a master’s degree in accounting or a business administration degree with a specialization in accounting. There are a number of professional organizations that also offer continuing education credits for practicing accountants.

There are certifications and licensure available to those candidates that are interested. A beginning or practicing accountant has the ability to file a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission must be a Certified Public Accountant. In order to obtain a CPA, licensure is required by the State Board of Accountancy. A national examination is a part of the certification process. It is important to note that each state has its own requisite requirements for becoming certified so each candidate must investigate to determine exactly what the state requirements are.

Job Outlook for Accounting School Graduates

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics a career as an accounting is very promising. The most recent statistics from 2010 indicate that bachelor level accountants made on average $61,690 per year at a rate of $29.66 per hour. In 2010 there were also more than one million practicing accountants. Even with that number the Bureau maintains an expected 16% grow in new accountants over the next decade resulting in nearly 200,000 more accountants entering the work world. The first step in getting into the field is to gain the necessary skills an education by ensuring graduation from an accredited accounting school.

Where Accounting School Graduates work

Accounting school graduates have a number of options as far as where they can work. For the most part, accountants work full time and often show increased demand during tax season. Every business, financial institution, school system, religious organization, restaurant and small business can benefit from the expertise of an accountant. With that being said, the opportunities for gainful employment as a certified public accountant are practically endless.

Accounting School

There are a number of resources readily available to assist in your accounting school search whether a candidate is looking for a traditional or online school. One of the most informative sites is the AACSB Accounting Accreditation. This site offers information about accrediting accounting undergraduate and graduate institutions as well as information in selecting an accounting school. Another helpful resource is the American Accounting Association. The American Accounting Association offers a host of information on schools, the accreditation process, career opportunities, resources as well as other organizations specific to the discipline.

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